Woodland Burial

A natural burial is an eco-friendly way of laying a body to rest in the ground, without a traditional coffin or headstone. Natural burials usually take place in a woodland area, and are also known as woodland burials or green burials.

Environmental Burials

Traditional coffins and caskets are usually not allowed in woodland and natural burials, instead biodegradable materials are used, e.g bamboo, wicker or cardboard. This protects the natural environment of the burial grounds.

Though headstones and other memorial plaques are almost always prohibited, graves can be marked by the planting of a memorial tree or the placing of a simple biodegradable plaque. The focus is on preserving the natural beauty of the woodland environment and encouraging native wildlife and flowers.

Woodland Burial Guildford

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Woodland burial services are very flexible, as they don’t need to follow traditional protocols. You can choose to have a ceremony around the burial or at another venue. Most woodland burial sites will be able to accommodate your wishes, so long as they’re within the site guidelines and keep the area protected.

If this is something you are interested in, we can review the sites available and find the one that best fits your needs.

Woodland Burial Sites in the UK

A more comprehensive list of woodland burial sites can be found at The Woodland Burial Trust