Why did I become a Funeral Director?

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Fiona Campitelli, the owner and operator of Noble Funeral Service Ltd. With over 20 years of experience as a Funeral Director, I can confidently say that this profession is not merely a job for me—it’s a calling that runs in my veins.

My Grandad’s Workshop

In the late ’70s, during my mid-teens, I spent my school holidays with my Nan and Grandad. Their funeral workshop was unlike any other place I’d been. The air carried the scent of freshly cut wood, and the sound of saws and hammers echoed through the space. It was here that I began my unique journey into the world of funeral services.

My Grandad owned the workshop, and I was allowed—yes, allowed—to help out. My tasks included tidying up and sweeping wood shavings from the coffins. Unlike today’s mass-produced coffins, these were meticulously crafted from scratch. I would marvel at the craftsmanship and the care that went into every detail of the process.

As I approached the end of secondary school, the careers advisor asked me about my aspirations. Without hesitation, I declared that I wanted to be an Undertaker. The advisor raised an eyebrow, suggesting that it wasn’t a suitable career for a woman. But her scepticism only fuelled my determination. I knew that compassion and empathy were not gender-specific traits; they were essential for anyone in this line of work.

Life took its course, and it wasn’t until 1997 that I officially joined the funeral profession. By then, I had a family of my own. I found employment at a local Funeral Directors in Aldershot. My journey began as a Funeral Arranger—a role that required sensitivity, organisational skills, and the ability to guide grieving families through the process. I listened to their stories, their memories of loved ones, and helped create meaningful ceremonies.

My Funeral Director History

In 2002, I qualified as a Funeral Director after gaining the Diploma of Funeral Directing. This formal recognition solidified my commitment to the profession. I continued to learn and grow, working at larger funeral businesses to learn the trade.

Later, in 2008, I chose to pursue further education at The Salisbury College of Funeral Sciences, where I obtained the Diploma in Funeral Service Management. This experience expanded my understanding of the industry beyond the practical aspects. I delved into the intricacies of business management and the knowledge and processes required to set up a funeral home, something that would become a reality for me in 2009, with the opening of Noble Funeral Service.

The funeral profession has taught me more than just the practical skills required. It has taught me about life, loss, and the importance of honouring each person’s unique journey. Every funeral is a reminder that we’re all part of a larger story—connected from birth, life, love and eventually, our final “goodbye”.

Today, as I reflect on those early days in the workshop, I carry the legacy of my Nan and Grandad with me. Their dedication to craftsmanship and compassion shaped my path and I’m proud to have followed my heart into this noble profession. I’m a truly dedicated funeral director offering 5* funeral services throughout Camberley, Farnborough, Fleet and Guildford areas.

Please feel free to contact me for guidance with pre-planned funerals or to arrange the perfect funeral for your loved one.

Fiona Noble, Funeral Director
Fiona Noble - Funeral Director