My visit to The NAFD Funeral Exhibition

On Saturday the 15th of June myself and some colleagues visited the NAFD Funeral Exhibition in Coventry.

We had a wonderful day looking at all the new innovations made within the industry and connecting with old friends and like-minded individuals.

The exhibits showcased an array of beautiful vehicles, both traditional and diverse, displaying the varied ways one could choose to take their final journey in.

The range of products was astounding, from memorial keepsakes to various types of coffins. Options ranged from traditional designs to personalized engravings, along with exquisite coffin suites that celebrate an individual’s hobbies or favourite pastimes.

There has also been a significant improvement in cosmetic products, now catering to all skin types. These advancements ensure that loved ones are respectfully prepared for visits in the Chapel of Rest or, if desired, to rest at home.

The exhibition was exceptionally well-organized, and Saturday’s event was open to the public, offering insight into our work. The event also helps dispel the stigma surrounding death and to educate people about what happens when someone dies. Death is a journey we all must take one day, and it’s important to remember that it can also be a time to celebrate a person’s life.

I extend my gratitude to the exhibitors and organizers of the event and eagerly anticipate what 2026 will bring.

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