Direct Cremation

This is a funeral where family and friends may choose to have a ceremony, event or service for the deceased person, but they do not attend the cremation itself.

Direct Cremation: £1600

Our direct cremations include all our professional services and taking care of all other matters including:

Simple Coffin for Direct Cremation

Providing a simple coffin

Direct cremation fees paid at crematorium

Paying crematoria fees

Direct cremation includes transfer of the body within 15 miles

Transfer of deceased within office hours* and within 15 miles

Direct cremation includes care of the body

Care of the deceased until the cremation

Direct cremation includes statutory paperwork completion

Statutory paperwork

Cremation venue, time and date to be chosen by the funeral director.

Optional private service for 6 people in funeral home (+£200)

*Removals outside working hours will incur a charge of £250.

  • Bringing your loved one back to the funeral home to be cared for
  • Service in the Chapel of Rest with a civil celebrant, with a choice of:
    Memorial service (without coffin present) or farewell service (with coffin present).
  • Date and time to be chosen by the Funeral Director
  • Cup of tea following service in the lounge area

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